Just because the Patriots have banned the man from Gillette Stadium doesn't mean the aggrieved party is going down quietly.

​Tyreek Hill, via his agent Drew Rosenhaus, announced plans to somehow prosecute the fan involved, and are ​discussing next steps with the Players' Association.

​​This joker is certainly not getting off the hook that easily.

Hill and Rosenhaus are justified in their anger, of course. When a fan earns a front-row ticket, he or she enters into a certain contract not to directly interact with the players in the middle of the action. You can yell, taunt, or scream as much as you want, but don't use your beverages as a weapon. It's really that easy.

It will be forever infuriating that Pats Nation didn't receive an L in the minutes of game action that followed, instead being blessed with yet another win. Keep chuckin' those hops and grains, idiots.