​John Lennon was right when he said that instant karma's gonna get ya.

A total loser who felt the need ​to douse Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill with a beer and give him the finger made headlines for all the wrong reasons Sunday night in Foxborough. And while New England ended up winning an absolute thriller 43-40, Chiefs fans can take solace in one particular development that's just come to light.

The team was able to identify the offending loser, who has been hereby banned from any and all future events at Gillette Stadium.

​​The phrase "letter of disinvite" sounds like ingredients in a word salad, but fans of general human decency are surely backing this decision.

Boston sports fans may be famous for their rambunctiousness, territorialism, and occasionally outrageous self-righteous streaks, but behavior like this fan displayed is simply beyond the pale. ​After being pretty much universally panned, justice has rightly been served.