It was a memorable night in  New England on Sunday night, as the Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs squared off in an instant classic. The Patriots took the win, 43-40, but the Chiefs still displayed why they are the favorites in the AFC. 

Hopefully the next time these two play, it will be in Kansas City because New England fans have no respect.

A late, 75-yard touchdown by ​Tyreek Hill tied the game at 40, giving Patriots fans reason to be upset. Upset enough to flip off Hill and throw beer on him? Unfortunately, that was the case. The media saw this act by the fans and of course bashed them for their immature antics. Reggie Bush, however, took it to another level.

Is he wrong? It's understandable that one could be frustrated that their team just let up a 75-yard touchdown to the fastest man in the league. As a fan, standing less than a foot away from Hill, they should show at least a little respect. Enough respect to not throw beer on the receiver. Bush has a point too. Hill is human, so what would be different if he is the one that poured beer on the fan? 

How about instead of disrespecting a human being for doing his job, Patriots fans can be upset that they let up a 75-yard crucial touchdown to a wide-open Tyreek Hill? Grow up, Boston fans.