​Yes, we know pine tar isn't really cheating. Yes, we know everyone does it. But for a team like the Red Sox to be so holier-than-thou about Michael Pineda and the Yankees lathering it up, then to go so blatant all playoffs long is just another brick in the wall of pretension that's building around Fenway Park. Remember ​Craig Kimbrel getting caught with the nasty stuff? Well, here's Game 2 at Fenway, where it suddenly becomes a little clearer why Matt Barnes was so dominant.

And here's a rejuvenated Joe Kelly against the Yankees last series. Cool.​​

​​Squeaky clean franchise that never does anything the least bit shady. Fan base that would never do anything as gross as ​dumping beer on anyone. That's what Yankee fans do, right? 

​​Leave it to the Sox to be wily. Trevor Bauer's been on the Astros' surprising increased spin rate all year long, insinuating Houston relies on the tar above all else. Best to steal your opponents' secrets on the big stage, huh?

There's no doubt Sox pitchers are messing around here with what's legal. Once again, no harm, no foul. Just stop pretending you're a model franchise that's above all this.