The Titans embarrassingly lost to the Bills last week, but they somehow had a more memorable loss this week.

Their terrible performance against the Ravens this week can be attributed to Marcus Mariota and his offensive line. Not only was this team shutout thanks to a putrid performance by the offense, but Mariota and Co. did it in historically bad fashion. 

Mariota was the first player in over 30 years to complete 10 passes while being sacked over 10 times. 

Sounds like Mariota won't be taking his linemen to slam beers at Predators games in the near future.

They don't deserve that kind of treatment from Mariota anymore. Yes, it's embarrassing to call yourself an NFL QB and complete only 10 passes, but you can't consider this totally his fault. He still completed 66 percent of his passes, and probably could've done more if he didn't have a Raven in his face every single time he was throwing the ball.

No matter how you look at it, it's going down in the history books. Congratulations to Mariota and the Titans for their new level of sucking.