The Pittsburgh Steelers were probably relieved to hear that Le'Veon Bell would be returning to the team by Week 7 after a lengthy holdout. The only problem is, they reportedly haven't heard anything from him regarding that in quite some time.

Bell reportedly hasn't been in contact with a single soul within the ​Steelers organization since he said was returning. The star running back has been absent from football as he searches for a long-term contract, preserving his health so that he doesn't lose out on any potential cash. 

According to ESPN, Bell could be back anytime between Monday, Oct. 15th and the following Monday, the 22nd. James Conner has filled in nicely for Bell, logging over 300 yards and five scores to start the season. Last week, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said that he thought Conner earned himself a permanent role in the offense, no matter Bell's return.

Of course, rumors have swirled that Bell has no plans to return to Pittsburgh following the season after this whole contract debacle. The running back is purely returning to preserve his free agency for 2019 and to give potential suitors a look at how he can still perform.

We'll have to wait and see if Bell will stay true to his word and return in the coming weeks. If so, his first game of the season would be at home against the Cleveland Browns.

Good luck to them.