​​Auburn's loss to Tennessee has revved up the anti-​Gus Malzahn engines around the Tigers once again. The famously helter-skelter coach, despite having NFL talent at quarterback and defensive line, has slipped to 4-3 with two losses against SEC teams in a row. His performance at Auburn has once again landed him in the fans' crosshairs. 

Unfortunately for Auburn, they seem stuck with ​Malzahn for the foreseeable future, as the embattled coach has an insanely high buyout. 

​​$32 million. That number just doesn't seem real. 

32 million, need I remind you, for a coach that has gone just 37-22 at Auburn with a 1-3 bowl record since he lost to Florida State in the national championship game. Getting to a national championship should get Malzahn the heaps of praise he deserves, but since then, he's been an average to below-average coach in the SEC. 

Toomer's Corner is getting impatient, especially after conference foes like Florida and Georgia have been remade overnight, yet Malzahn is allowed to wallow in his relative mediocrity. 

​​Malzahn will be on the sidelines for a while, but if Auburn keeps letting Alabama run the SEC West, the Tigers may have to swallow that pill and fire Malzahn at a vastly inflated price.