Daniel Jones and the ​Duke Blue Devils were supposed to come into Bobby Dodd Stadium and slice up ​Georgia Tech's defense. That has yet to occur. This has led to mounting frustration on both sides. Duke and Georgia Tech threw some punches in a massive melee after a kickoff. 

​​After a kick return, a couple members from both teams continued to keep blocking each other, resulting in Blue Devils safety Brandon Feamster losing his helmet. He decided to go after the Yellow Jackets responsible, but was met with a swift haymaker from linebacker Victor Alexander. Alexander landed several punches before he could be separated. 

Both teams were hit with personal foul penalties, but Alexander was ejected. A suspension is likely coming. 

Since Feamster came running at Alexander, some fans believed that Alexander was simply defensing himself. 

​​While it could be argued that Alexander was only defending himself from Feamster, who was charging at him ready to fight, landing several right hooks on a player with no helmet on is likely not going to help his case.