Clayton Kershaw isn't very good in the postseason. He's often very bad. For one of the best regular-season pitchers of all time, Kershaw comes up short when it matters most while many of his peers step up. 

Friday night's NLCS Game 1 against the Milwaukee Brewers was no exception.

Kershaw lasted just three innings and gave up five runs, four earned, in a game that ended in a 6-5 Dodgers defeat. The Brewers used starter Gio Gonzalez for just two innings, even though he only gave up one run, and turned to the bullpen to maintain their lead.

Kershaw has had some good postseason games, but the fact remains that Kershaw has a career ERA of 4.08 in the postseason, while posting an ERA of 2.39 in the regular season. That's a huge difference for a pitcher of his talent.

It's getting harder to not completely destroy Kershaw over his struggles. It's very possible that the Dodgers would have won a World Series this decade had he pitched like his normal self come playoff-time. Or, frankly, anything resembling regular season Kershaw. Instead, we get this:

Kershaw is not done in this series. The Dodgers lost Game 1, but they are still a more talented team than the Brewers and Kershaw will be given his chance at redemption, possibly in a Game 5 back in Milwaukee. 

The Dodgers need Kershaw to be great, and if he continues to fail when it matters most, the team won't be able to reach their ultimate goal of a World Series title.