​Jimmy Butler's trade request and explosive ​practice in which he took out his frustrations on Timberwolves teammates, coaches, and management have all led to a whirlwind of equal parts trade speculation and sheer chaos. Though the ​Clippers, Nets, and Knicks are among Butler's contenders, Pat Riley and the Miami Heat have emerged as a serious potential destination. 

When the relatively ​paltry offer of Josh Richardson and a protected first-round pick was offered, Timberwolves president of basketball operations and head coach Tom Thibodeau tried to squeeze some more assets out of Riley. And the former Lakers, Knicks, and Heat coach's reported rebuttal was not exactly G-rated.

​​Dropping an MF-bomb into the proceedings could annihilate any chance of a deal getting done. Of course, the savvy Riley immediately went into PR mode, claiming he never used that word now or in any negotiation. 

​​Riley trying to adopt a choir boy persona doesn't ring true with much of anyone, however. He's ruthless. Everybody knows it. And the man himself alluded to as much via his official statement with a special nod to former Celtics guard-turned-executive Danny Ainge.

Well, then!

Butler wants out, but Thibs seems unwilling to deal unless surprised by a monstrous offer. Riley's miserliness isn't helping, but nobody should doubt his acumen when it comes to tough negotiations.