Boy, oh boy, the​ Buffalo Bills can't escape the wrath of their fans. Not even in death.

The Bills are dreadful and they have been for years. The franchise hasn't had a record better than 9-7 since 1999 and has only achieved more wins than losses in a season three times in that span. Nobody knows these pains greater than the fanbase of the Bills, and one man made sure to take one last jab at his team's ineptitude from the grave.

Lee Merkel of North Carolina died at 83 last week. Born in New York, Merkel was a big Bills fan his entire life.

"Lee has requested six Buffalo Bills players as pall bearers so they can let him down one last time," Merkel's obituary read.

Ouch. Couldn't give your boys one last break, could you Lee?

It's not like they don't deserve it, though. Buffalo has been a mess for the better part of two decades and has an even richer history of failing for old-time fans. At 2-3, the present doesn't look too good either.

Fans can only hope that this shot gives them a wakeup call.