The New York Giants are fully a trainwreck, and this is the icing on the garbage-filled cake for them on Thursday night. Odell Beckham Jr. was once again the center of attention for ​leaving the field before the first half ended and then ​punching and headbutting a fan on the sidelines. 

After getting blown to bits by the Eagles at home by a score of 34-13, head coach Pat Shurmur spoke to the media and ​gave a terrible excuse for why Beckham left for the locker room with seconds left in the half while his team was still on the field.

Shurmur and the Giants had an ENTIRE second half to come up with a viable, believable excuse, and then had the audacity to drop this one on us. Really? He needed IVs? 

Yeah, that's more like it.

Requiring an IV typically means a player was over-exerting himself, which Beckham certainly was not doing. He had two catches for 12 yards in the first half and the Giants offense could barely move the ball. If ANYONE needed an IV, it was Saquon Barkley, who carried the team on his back despite the blowout loss. He didn't seem to have any complaints or excuses, and he's not the one with a $95 million contract.

Seems legit. Enjoy the rest of the year, Giants fans!