​Troy Aikman is notorious for looking high as a kite during football broadcasts. Well, he had another moment like that during Thursday night's Eagles-Giants broadcast when he stumbled over Wendell Smallwood's last name. Take a long, hard, listen.

​​Sheesh, that's embarrassing yet hilarious at the same time. Poor Troy.

If I was in that situation, I would have to do my absolute best to not burst out laughing at myself for that slip-up.

The game itself has been a snooze fest. The Giants are just bad. It's literally Saquon Barkley against everyone, and the crazy part is that he's ballin' out despite teams knowing that the offense is predicated on his success. 

As for Aikman, he's having a great time criticizing the Giants for their effort and poor play. But this mistake will be one fans remember for a good while.