​New York sports fans have always been a fickle bunch.

Giants fans were MIA during the team's home game against the divisional-rival Eagles on Thursday night. Like, really MIA. Close to no one showed up. 

Remember when the Eagles and Giants rivalry was a must-watch affair? Yeah, me too.

While the weather in the Northeast was unpleasant during the game, there seems to be something else bubbling beneath the surface. It's the New York market, people usually show up regardless of the circumstances. 

Maybe New Yorkers are still reeling from that ​horrid Yankees playoff bounce by the Red Sox. I would be, too. Or maybe they're unhappy with the Giants' 1-4 record.

You have to stick by your team, and with the amount of people that decided to skip the game, I know tickets had to be dirt cheap. It's unfortunate, really. The Giants are in a spiral that they won't be able to escape. ​Their team is turning out to be a Pittsburgh-level soap opera without the same level of talent. 

Maybe if enough fans skip games throughout the season, the team will finally realize they should draft a quarterback.