​Odell Beckham Jr. has athleticism for days. The superstar receiver showed us that he's got more than golden hands during the Giants' warmup prior to their match against the Eagles on Thursday Night Football. Apparently he's got some impressive feet, too.

​​OBJ spun the ball, ran around, and kicked a solid field goal from the 30-yard line. Straight through the goal posts, too. The Giants might as well let the man play every position. ​He already proved that he can throw dimes in their game against the Panthers.

Some people are just so naturally gifted. Meanwhile, I have trouble catching cheese balls with my mouth. I can't even complete the most worthless of hand-eye coordination exercises.

The good thing is that Beckham seems happy again getting everything off his chest in an interview with ESPN, but we're unsure how that'll work out for him moving forward.

​The Giants are going to need a happy OBJ during games this year if they want to succeed.