After an embarrassing series loss to the Boston Red Sox, many New Yorkers are calling for the head of Yankees skipper Aaron Boone--as his managing plowed the ​Yankees season straight into the dirt.

Despite all of this, one man seems to have Boone's back--former Yankees closer and future hall of fame inductee Mariano Rivera.

​​Rivera cites that although Boone's lineup decisions may be worthy of concern, the Yankees manager kept players "motivated--[he was] pushing and pushing and pushing". From what Rivera says, Boone is able to rally his troops albeit while his battle tactics may need some work.

It doesn't seem like Rivera's sentiment is going to satisfy Yankees fans, as Boone could be the best motivator in the world, but with nothing to show for it, his tenure as Yankees manager has been an overall failure.

Knowing ​the reputation of Yankees fans, its pretty doubtful that Boone will be in New York's good graces any time soon.