​Akiem Hicks is a bad, bad man.

The Bears' defensive end managed to escape a potential suspension in Week 4 and is now getting ready for the team's matchup against the Dolphins on Sunday. When asked about his mindset for the next game, he was pretty clear on his intentions -- his frightening intentions.

You better watch your tail, Ryan Tannehill. 

​Hicks had a bit of a freakout in their game against the Buccaneers. The frustrated defender was ejected after pushing an official and tossing his pads into the stands. He was angry, and he's still angry. Luckily, he made it out with a $33,425 fine but no suspension. He spent his bye week brooding. 

The defensive end has had three sacks so far this year and is undoubtably the best player on the ​Bears' defense behind ​Khalil Mack

"Destroy. Destroy everything." That's the type of confidence you love to see out of star players. He sounds like the Terminator. He's on a mission, and oh boy, the Dolphins beat-up offensive line is going to have some trouble.

While pushing an official is never a good look, Hicks' attitude about the next game up should be infectious to his surrounding cast. The Bears have the talent to be terrifying to opposing teams, and if they all go in with Hicks' mindset, they could be unstoppable.