​Draymond Green is one of the most talented trash talkers in the game, but in his early NBA years, he picked on the wrong guy. 

​Kobe is also notorious for his own bits of trash talk, most of which involved challenging an opposing player and then proceeding to back it up on the court. His response to the trash talk of a younger Draymond is nothing short of hilarious. 

​​​Draymond was understandably proud to stop an NBA legend from scoring, especially considering the fact that he had just entered the league. But Kobe's response was perfect, as he said, "That miss ain't got nothing to do with you. Sit down."

In all likelihood, Kobe probably didn't even notice Draymond's presence. We wish we could've seen Draymond's face in that instant, as it was definitely a "welcome to the NBA" type of moment. And from one of the greats nonetheless. 

​​This story really makes us wonder what it would have been like if Kobe's Lakers and the current Warriors had peaked at the same time. The trash talk between Draymond and Kobe in a Western Conference Finals would've been the stuff of legends. 

Regardless of Kobe's retirement, you can expect to hear more trash talk from Draymond Green in the near future. The ​NBA season is just around the corner.