When things aren't looking good for a team, teammates will look to their star players and leaders to guide them. We see this in the NBA all the time, from Draymond Green and the Warriors, to LeBron's Finals appearances with the Cavs. 

Leaders are born from struggle and strife. 

From the moments when things are tough. If the last few days have proven anything, it's that Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns are not the leaders we thought they would be. 

These two are supposed to be the up-and-coming stars for the ​Timberwolves. They are supposed to be the leaders of their team. And over the last few days, all they've done is let ​Jimmy Butler walk all over them. 

I mean, seriously. Butler showed up late to scrimmage, hopped in with the third-stringers, and whooped the starters. Oh, and he was talking trash to KAT and Wiggins the whole time. 

​​Could you ever imagine Kobe letting another player on his team beat him like that? KAT and Wiggins are showing they don't have what it takes to lead a locker room, as Butler seems to be in charge despite being the one who wants out of Minnesota. 

If KAT and Wiggins want their teammates to respect them and follow them, they're going to have to be willing to confront problems and deal with them accordingly. If they continue to be silent and let people walk all over them, they will never be fit to lead their team.