​Both Conor McGregor and ​Khabib Nurmagomedov are immediately facing consequences for the post-fight altercations at UFC 229. 

The Nevada Athletic Commission has ruled that both McGregor and Khabib will face a temporary suspension from UFC beginning on Oct. 15. There will then be a hearing on Oct. 24 to determine if their suspension will be upheld. 

Khabib defeated McGregor in the fourth round of their bout in UFC 229 this past weekend. However, chaos broke out immediately following the fight, with both Khabib's team and McGregor's team engaging in fights amongst the crowd. ​One of Khabib's team members even hopped the octagon fence to land a few sucker punches on McGregor. 

​​A suspension won't do much good if Khabib follows through with his threats. 

While Khabib started the post-fight brawls, McGregor started the hate between the two by attacking Khabib's bus and insulting his religion, among other aspects of his life. Expect the drama to continue as we await a decision on the fate of the two fighters.