​If there's one thing we've learned from the recent drama surrounding the Timberwolves, it's that Butler's teammates truly are soft.

Instead of taking interviews or explaining what's going on behind the scenes, Timberwolves players are now lashing out at reporters on Twitter for simply doing their job. Things may not be going great for you guys, but seriously? Relax. 

​​Yes, Gorgui Dieng. A Timberwolves beat reporter is always talking about you. That's kind of his job. And instead of just moving on from it, Dieng challenges the reporter to "suit up." This seems like the basketball equivalent of saying, "meet me out back." The guy was literally talking about a report about your trade value and you're whining about it.

The recent Timberwolves drama has certainly been exciting, but it seems to have brought out the worst of some players. Point guard ​Jeff Teague also took to Twitter to shut down reports of a ​players-only meeting held by Butler today. 

...but Butler confirmed it to ESPN, so....

The Timberwolves might need to ask their players to log off of Twitter for a bit before things get too ugly. 

But considering all that's going on, we won't be surprised by whatever happens next.