​It was only a matter of time before ​NBA Commissioner Adam Silver would be asked to weigh in on the ongoing drama between Jimmy Butler and the Timberwolves. Here's what he had to say about the situation: 

​​Silver states that Butler and the Timberwolves, "have got to work it out." While he avoids getting into the details of the drama, expressing that he has no reason to be involved in it, it seems that Silver believes the right decision will be made for both parties. 

The commissioner also believes that if Butler does not receive the trade he wants, he would stay and "play hard" for the Timberwolves regardless of the recent disputes. The commish knows his players!

For us, it's quite hard to imagine that this will all blow over. I mean, Butler caused some crazy ​drama during a team scrimmage yesterday, and has been very outspoken about the way the Timberwolves' management has dealt with the situation. 

Adam Silver might believe that ​Jimmy Butler would stay and play for the T-Wolves for another season, but we have our doubts. More NBA drama surely awaits.