Winning back-to-back titles in any major sport is a tremendously difficult task. Winning three out of four is a whole different world. You need talent, you need mental fortitude, and you need more than a little bit of luck, too.

The ​Golden State Warriors have established themselves as an NBA dynasty​ over the last four seasons, and it didn't happen by accident. 

According to Draymond Green, it happened with wine.

​​No, this is not a joke. While down 2-1 in their first NBA Finals appearance against Cleveland in 2015, Green brought a bottle of wine to ​Steph Curry's room. They drank the bottle together, took in the moment, and went on to become NBA champions.  

Was that bottle worth three rings? I guess it really is good for you after all.

If we could solve our problems by crushing some vino, we would be more than set by now. Unfortunately, that doesn't work out as well for most of us as it has for the Dubs.

​​There's one thing that no one can question about these Warriors: they are a consummate team. Yes, that may feel like an obvious statement, but think about it-- by the time DeMarcus Cousins is ready to play, this is a dynasty with five All-Stars to call upon at any given moment. And somehow, it's all managed to mesh together without any egos getting in the way and derailing the dream.

Stories like this point to what makes the Dubs truly special. They love to be around each other. They love to play together. And when you put a team with that much talent and chemistry together on the court, there's nothing that can stop them. At least, not yet.

Drink it in.