It seems that ​Odell Beckham isn't the only New York Giant who's fed up with Eli Manning's ​poor performance this year

In a report by ESPN's Jordan Ranaan, multiple anonymous players on the Giants have criticized Eli's play this year, specifically citing his inability to beat certain types of defenses. 

​​Ranaan then goes on to explain that this frustration with the Giants franchise quarterback dates back to four or five years ago as multiple members of the organization believe he's been what's holding them back. 

The Giants' woes this year certainly don't all fall on Eli as injuries and a horrid offensive line haven't helped. However, there have been so many distractions and controversies this season and it's only Week 5. When you have your franchise quarterback getting blasted by OBJ and Lil' Wayne, you have to wonder how much longer this can go on before a change is made.

This situation is only going to get worse, and if the Giants offense is this bad with this much talent, a change may be needed under center.