​The drama in the Twin Cities continues, as the Jimmy Butler trade saga has yet to reach a resolution. 

Stories have been flying out of the Timberwolves facility over the last 48 hours, as Butler rejoined the team yesterday to much fanfare. 

After the ​most talked about NBA practice since Allen Iverson dominated headlines for his antics years ago, today's news revolved around a ​players-only meeting that Butler may or may not have held with his teammates. 

​​Butler is standing by the reports that he held a players-only meeting today to tell his teammates that if he was going to be stuck in Minnesota this year then he would be ready to lead. 

Teammates like Jeff Teague have denied that any meeting ever happened, showing the complete turmoil that persists in that locker room and organization. 

While it's starting to look more and more like Butler may be playing the last year of his contract in Minnesota, it would be hard to see the Timberwolves overcoming all of this drama to play well together as a team.