Giants quarterback Eli Manning has been under much scrutiny over the past few seasons, as the aging signal caller's play has been on a ​steady decline.

Oddly enough, Manning's completion percentage has been a career high for him this season at nearly 72 percent. However, when you take a closer look, you'll realize there's a reason for this. 

At ​10.31 yards per completion, Manning ranks 32nd in the league and only Dak Prescott and Case Keenum have thrown for less touchdowns than Manning for QBs who've played a minimum of five games. 

Manning simply doesn't have it anymore and his quick check downs to Saquon Barkley simply won't move the needle for the Giants' offense. 

​​Another problem the Giants have had this season is their poor offensive line play and defenders have been quick to point this out as an excuse for Eli's bad numbers. 

Here's a good example of why that's not always the case and that even with a clean pocket, Manning simply can't make these throws anymore. 

These are plays that Eli has always been able to make and it's clear that when he's missing receivers with this clean of a pocket, it's a troubling scene for the New York Giants. 

The big controversy with this past offseason was whether the Giants should have taken Barkley or picked a quarterback they could build their franchise around. Saquon has clearly lived up to expectations, but it makes you wonder if the Giants have made the right decision.