​One of the biggest questions regarding LeBron James' move to L.A. was whether or not he could help develop the young talent of the Lakers.

Although they have only played together in preseason games so far, it looks like LeBron has established a tone in his new locker room. 

We won't mind seeing more plays like this all season long, as ​LeBron looks to have found a groove with the young blood of the Lakers. Although, it might not come as a surprise to some that LeBron could immediately elevate the talent around him.

I mean, consider what he did with last season's Cavs lineup. They really had no business making it to the Finals. But, LeBron made sure they got there all the same. We don't doubt that LeBron can do wonders for the young talent that surrounds him in L.A. 

Check out how much better the Lakers look as they head into the upcoming ​NBA season. After some incredible preseason performances, Brandon Ingram looks set to have a breakout year. And with LeBron by his side, the two can become a lethal duo. 

Ingram isn't the only one that seems to have changed from spending time with LeBron. Lonzo Ball looks focused and determined to fix his issues and become worthy of his draft pick. And we ​haven't heard a single peep from his father, LaVar, for a while. The presence of LeBron can really shape guys up, it seems. 

With the regular season looming on the horizon, we have high hopes for the Lakers based on what we've seen from them so far. If they can continue to develop like this under LeBron's guidance, there's no limit to what they can achieve.