We all know that Deion Sanders made history. 

The man is a legend and one of the best cornerbacks to ever play the game of football. Simply put, Primetime was one of the best athletes the sporting world has ever seen, and today we look back and remember the historic moment he made 26 years ago. 

You see, Sanders wasn't satisfied with just being a superstar on the football field. He wanted more. So, he got it. Deion took his talents to the baseball field as well, balancing a career between two pro sports. 

​​Yes, Sanders incredibly played two games across baseball and football on this day in '92 as a member of both the ​Atlanta Braves and  Atlanta Falcons. The fact that he even suited up for the Braves the night before is incredible. 

Primetime's athleticism was the stuff of legends. In addition to his dominance as a shutdown corner, Sanders had himself a nice career on the diamond as well with a .263 average along with 39 home runs and 168 RBI. 

There likely will never be another man like Sanders in pro sports. Those who witnessed his greatness were spoiled.

Hats off to perhaps the greatest athlete of all time.