Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle David Irving returned from suspension last week, but will finally report to the team on Thursday night. That leaves many questioning why Irving took so long to show up to the team facility.

According to reports, Irving has been involved in a nasty custody battle with his ex-girlfriend, Angela Sanchez, over the couple's five-year-old daughter, Zoe.​​

​​Reports indicate that Sanchez was granted a temporary restraining order, which allowed her to pick up the couple's daughter from school on Friday. However, she has not returned her to Irving, ​who was granted primary custody last May.

Irving and Sanchez are set to go through another custody trial on Oct. 17 in Collin County, Texas. On that same day, Irving will have another hearing in regards to his eviction from his rental residence.

The two have had a strained relationship dating back to their time dating at Iowa State. Sanchez accused Irving of domestic assault, resulting in him getting kicked off the team, but she later dropped the charges. 

It only escalated this past April, as she used Irving's Twitter account to send out accusations of failed drug tests and domestic violence, ​which she later admitted were lies.

With Irving making his return to the team on Thursday, it is not a given that he will be able to play at all on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. According to sources close to the team, the whole custody ordeal has taken a mental toll on the defensive tackle.

While Irving would like to play, it may be best for him to sit another week and get himself fully ready for Week 7.