​Ever since ​the announcement of Colin Kaepernick as the new face of Nike's "Just Do It" campaign, the company has ​received plenty of praise...and plenty of criticism. Those who don't agree with the partnership are going to extreme lengths to protest the company.

According to activist Shaun King, Union County, Ark. Sheriff Ricky Roberts forced inmates to wear Nike t-shirts during their mugshot photos in order to mock the company and Kaepernick. King sent out the following tweet on Wednesday night, showing 12 inmates wearing Nike apparel.

Approximately one hour after King's tweet, the Union County sheriff's office removed all photos of those inmate wearing the Nike apparel.

​​According to Arkansas Online, the Nike shirt with the small swoosh logo at the upper right corner of the torso can be seen in inmate photos as far back as July.

However, the Nike shirts seen in the photos began surfacing on the sheriff's office's website on Sept. 15, after the company's Kaepernick announcement. Before they were taken down, approximately 11 of the 182 inmates were seen rocking Nike gear.

Local media made attempts to reach out to Roberts, but they were directed to the department's public relations officer, Chief Deputy Charles Phillips, who was also unavailable for comment.