It's no secret that Washington Redskins' cornerback  Josh Norman has experienced a dip in his play in the last couple of seasons. The star cornerback earned himself a pretty penny back in 2016 when he signed a five-year, $75 million contract with Washington following a career year with the Carolina Panthers. 

Now, Norman's name has disappeared as quickly as it was popularized after a few seasons on his new deal. One man, Ron Rivera, had a bit of input on the topic. 

Rivera seems to be hinting that Norman's career year back in 2015 was a product of Carolina's great defense as a whole, or at least because of the team's scheme. The theory really isn't that far-fetched. 

​Norman had a great 2015 that saw the Panthers advance to the Super Bowl. During the regular season, he compiled four interceptions, two defensive touchdowns, three forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, and 18 passes defended. 

However, Norman hasn't been able to produce anywhere near that production as a Redskin. His first season in Washington saw him get his fair share of interceptions, but his playmaking ability as a whole took a step back and never recovered.

Norman hasn't picked off a pass since 2016 and through 5 games in 2018 hasn't defended a single pass. The former star is letting opposing quarterbacks throw all over him.

So, is it possible that Rivera is right here? Was Norman simply a product of the system in Carolina? It's more than plausible. Josh had one really great season and has been a no-show for almost every year since. In all likelihood, the corner got hot for a stretch in 2015 and had everything else fall into place for him.

That $75 million sure does look questionable now.