As the NBA regular season quickly approaches, many fans are filled with hope about a shiny new player, an established coach, or perhaps looking forward to next years draft. However, with all of this basketball available to ponder over, one question keeps coming to mind: Where the heck is Lavar Ball?

When the Lakers announced that Lavar's son Lonzo would be starting the season on the bench in favor of established veteran Rajon Rondo, many expected an outburst from the usually outspoken tiger-father.

Despite the anticipation of many, all that was heard from Ball was silence.

The walking media-storm that is Lavar Ball made no effort to comment on the move, with ​many extreme theories attempting to explain why this may be. Regardless of what many of these theories may hypothesize, the reasoning behind Ball's silence is fairly obvious.

When the best player in the world chooses to come and play with your son, you keep your mouth closed.

Although the addition will help to bolster a depleted Lakers roster, it may have discouraged Lavar from being the boisterous character fans have come to know and love for fear of jeopardizing his relationship with "the king". Lakers fans should be happy with LeBron, as they will be able to secure more wins with his services, but they must know that they are doing so at the cost of lost entertainment for fans everywhere.

Please, basketball Gods. Do not wake the sleeping giant.