​The legend of Jimmy Butler continues with more reports of the ​Timberwolves' drama at practice earlier today. We really can't believe how brash Butler is being, and we love it. 

After volunteering to play with the third stringers, Butler reportedly went on to beat the team's starters in a scrimmage. And he had plenty of trash talk to back up his win. 

​​This guy is truly unbelievable. For one, he puts the Timberwolves in a bind late in the offseason by asking for a trade. Then he continues to get into disputes with team management regarding a trade. Then he shows up to practice to demolish the starters while he plays with the third string guys? This is too much to handle in one offseason. 

The audacity of Butler to talk trash to Wiggins and KAT in the midst of all of the drama just shows the kind of guy he is. He simply won't back down from anyone, even if the whole organization is against him. 

​​I mean, Butler really is proving that the team needs him if he can win with just the third string players. And weirdly enough, all of the trash talk to Wiggins brought out the best in him, as he reportedly played great in the scrimmage. 

Is Butler just trying to make his teammates work harder? It's highly doubtful, but what a twist that would be. We don't imagine the Butler news will die out today, as his ​interview with ESPN airs tonight. We're all excited to hear what he has to say.