Jimmy Butler went insane today.

And I mean that in a good way. He showed up to Timberwolves practice for the first time since requesting a trade in mid-September and reportedly showed everyone up.

Butler was yelling and screaming at everybody on the court, but reportedly focused his attention the Wolves' two best players -- Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins -- as well as head coach Tom Thibodeau and General Manager Scott Layden, who has been unable to trade the All-Star guard up to this point. 

Not only did Butler yell to Layden that the Wolves "can't win without [him]", but he also proved it by taking third-stringers at practice and beating the Minnesota starters with them. Butler's energy and ferocity apparently left an impact on many of the players at practice, too.

Butler clearly left an impression on the organization Wednesday, and we're all waiting to see how the organization proceeds. Players aren't usually "mesmerized" in practice, so Butler's performance must have really been something special.

By coming to practice, Butler ​confirmed that he would continue to play for the Wolves until a trade was finalized, but I kind of wish he didn't come back after this. The "mic drop" Butler left with is the stuff of legends, and any team interested in him should know that they're getting one of the fiercest players in the league, and he doesn't care who he has to take down to prove it.