One of the biggest scandals to rock college basketball in decades has unveiled new information that shines a light on even more players that were paid by Adidas in consultation with some of the larger programs and coaches across the country. 

Former Adidas consultant TJ Gassnola testified under oath to paying families of top players, including the revelation of Deandre Ayton ​in the mix. 

The list of names dropped by Gassnola include the same players such as ​Brian Bowen Jr. and Dennis Smith Jr. 

The shocker is NBA rookie Deandre Ayton who was selected by the Phoenix Suns with No. 1 pick in the 2018 draft. He previously told the FBI that he had no knowledge of payments from Adidas. ​​

Apparently, someone in Ayton's family took money without the player's knowledge. Either that, or Ayton has a really good poker face. 

The outcome of this trial will be one to watch for college basketball fans and future recruits. As more players and their families are named, recruits should take precaution of the people around them.