​I'm sure just about every pitcher uses some kind of substance to help them grip the baseball, which is a good thing since, you know, they are throwing over 95 mph and it'd be a good thing if they have control of it.

However, on Tuesday night, ​Boston Red Sox reliever ​Craig Kimbrel came into the game to close out the series, and there apparently was a dark foreign substance smeared on his right hand that was caught on TV. Take a look:

Unless Kimbrel forgot to wipe before entering the game, I'm going to take a guess and say that's a little bit of pine tar. If caught, Kimbrel could've been removed from the game, but the Yankees never pointed it out to the umpires.

Whether he was cheating or not, it didn't help Kimbrel so much. He walked two batters and gave up two runs in one inning of work. However, he did the get the job done, which is all that matters to people affiliated with the Red Sox.

It's shocking the Yankees didn't see this and point it out to the umpires. While they're at it, they should check out the brim of his cap, which has an incredibly big rosin spot on it.