​The Chicago Cubs have handed out big-time contracts to pitchers like Jon Lester and Yu Darvish in recent memory, but the core of this team is the position player talent, and it's time to start paying them.

Third baseman ​Kris Bryant is at the center of this team, and according to MLB insider David Kaplan, the Cubs tried to lock him up long term and offered him an extension worth over $200 million, which he declined.

"Whispers are telling me that the Cubs approached Scott Boras to do a massive extension with Kris Bryant in the last several months and it was turned down by Bryant and Boras."

"I was told that the Cubs' offer was more than fair well north of $200 million. Not enough."

​​With Scott Boras being Bryant's agent, this doesn't come as a shock even though the money is exorbitant. Turing this deal down would make you believe Bryant is happy with going year-to-year through arbitration for the next three seasons before he's a free agent at age 30.

Bryant didn't have his usual MVP-caliber season ​because of injury. I can't see the Cubs making an aggressive move to trade Bryant, but it makes you wonder if they'll put some feelers out and consider moving the face of their franchise if the two sides can't come to a contract agreement. Highly unlikely, but you never know.