It's a national holiday, ​the Yankees have officially been eliminated from playoff contention.

Despite cutting it close, ​Boston gets to celebrate, and so does baseball twitter. The results were predictably hilarious.

So who do Yankee fans root for now?

​This makes all the sense in the world. Has anybody seen Giancarlo?

Surely he hasn't been that bad, let's go to the tape.

He had that one home run in the Wild Card Game! How dare you!

We see you, Boston. Enjoy this while it lasts. For New York, just remember, it could always be worse: you could be the Knicks.

Okay, about's almost basketball season!

The Sox definitely got the last laugh. Don't bring a knife to a gun fight, Aaron Judge.

Surely the Yankees have the assets to right the ship. This hasn't failed them before, right?

RIP New York, hello Papi.

​​CC learned this lesson the hard way.

Be careful what you wish for...

Even Jeopardy got in on the action.

​​Tonight, we're all Red Sox fans.

​​We can all rest easy tonight.