​Dwight Howard's career with the Washington Wizard has not started off on a good note, as the center may not be available to play at the start of the ​NBA season. 

Initially, ​Howard was suspected of suffering from a back injury. It has now been revealed that Howard endured a piriformis injury, which is a muscle located in the buttocks. Luckily for Howard, a piriformis injury sounds much cooler than a butt injury. 

​​While the injury is not a serious one for the center, he may miss out on the Wizards' opening game against the Miami Heat. Howard's days as DPOY may be over, but he is still a valuable asset to the Wizards, as he came in to replace Marcin Gortat. 

Howard is known around the NBA as being one of the top defenders of his generation. Though he's jumped from team to team in recent years, he still makes a difference whenever he is on the hardwood. With his massive size, opposing players know better than to try and get cute around the rim. 

Howard ranked third in rebounds per game last season, and will look to continue his success in rebounding so that he can get the ball into the hands of players like ​John Wall or Bradley Beal. 

The Wizards will continue to monitor Howard's progress, and will hope for his quick return to the court. Injuries are never good in professional sports, and we especially feel for anyone that injures their butt. Get better soon, Dwight.