​As the NBA preseason rolls along, the quest for a team to land shooting guard ​Jimmy Butler is far from over. 

Although many teams have been interested in the Minnesota Timberwolves star, a report regarding an offer from the ​Miami Heat was just revealed, and it includes Josh Richardson. 

​​First off, everybody in the NBA community should be thrilled upon hearing this news, just because of how cool Butler would look in the Heat's black jerseys. 

Back to the trade, Richardson isn't the hottest name on the market but the wing's play has progressed, which led him to signing a four-year extension with the team in 2017. He started in every game he played in and was an anchor for the Heat last season. 

Richardson paired with a first-round pick could be an enticing offer for Minnesota if they decide to pull the trigger on the trade. 

While there is now an active conversation between both of these franchises, it's yet to be known if this deal will ever get done without another road block thrown up by Minnesota. 

Butler knows the clock is ticking before the regular season starts and would prefer a trade to be worked out before opening night.