Timberwolves wing Jimmy Butler did return to Minnesota recently, but his demands remained the same. He wants to be traded to another team.

Despite his pleading to head coach and president of basketball operations Tom Thibodeau, the team has made it known that they are making preparations to start the season with ​Butler on the roster.

The Wolves have had numerous discussions with teams about a Butler trade, particularly the player's favored Miami Heat, but the two parties haven't been able to bridge the gap between them.

The Wolves have had a high asking price for Butler, there's no denying that, which has deterred teams from making any efforts, especially since it was thought he'd end up with the Heat. Those talks fell through, and with the price so high, it doesn't look like he's going anywhere anytime soon. 

Butler has not practiced with the team since training camp opened on Sept. 25, but he did finally make his way to the team facility on Monday. 

Who knows, maybe the team will drop its demands and a deal really can get done sooner rather than later? As of now, however, look for Jimmy Buckets to end up right back where he started a year ago when Minnesota's season opens Oct. 17 against the San Antonio Spurs.