​Blake Griffin is chiseled. Let's just get that out of the way. He's been built like a horse since his days at Oklahoma, but the NBA's Twitter account recently posted a video of the Detroit Pistons forward doing workouts that frankly anyone could pull off and called it "putting in work." Really?

​​Seriously, what are the first 20-25 seconds of that video? What are those workouts supposed to help? He's gripping a basketball so perhaps the workouts are meant to enhance his strength on the ball? Maybe abs?

I just don't know. Perhaps we can credit Blake's injury-plagued career to his personal trainers.

And maybe...just maybe he should add some weight and a few more reps because we're not used to seeing Griffin on the wrong end of dunks: 

​It's been a rough offseason for the big man, who's been making news for the wrong reasons.

I'm sorry Blake, we wouldn't be coming at you if you didn't give us valid reasons. ​Remember, the child support that he is ordered to pay costs more than LeBron's school

Blake Griffin just can't pick up a W right now. The ​NBA season is just about here so hopefully he'll take his recent misfortunes out on the rim.