​John Calipari is entering into his 10th season as the ​Kentucky Wildcats head coach, sprouting speculation on his legacy and how much longer he plans on leading Big Blue Nation. Fortunately, Calipari seems determined to continue his career for as long as possible. In a recent interview, Calipari revealed his plans for the future and what his decade of coaching in Lexington means for his tenure. 

After ten years with Kentucky, Coach Cal isn't anxious to leave a job that he considers his life long goal. 

​​Coach Cal will also face a daunting anniversary this season when he turns 60-years-old. Former Kentucky coaches, Joe Hall and Tubby Smith, were both in their mid to late 50s when they retired from coaching. 

Recent trends make it seem like Coach Cal is getting close to hanging up the whistle for UK. Yet ​Calipari seems determined to coach well past his predecessors. 

​​Coach Cal has created an unforgettable culture in Lexington during his tenure, and his goals have remained the same even after so many taxing seasons as the head coach. 

Various Hall-of-Fame caliber coaches have taken their careers into their 70s, such as Jim Boeheim or Mike Krzyzewski. Calipari has certainly established his name as one of the greats, but is he capable of enduring the stress and pressure of UK basketball? 

As of right now, it certainly seems that Coach Cal has no intention of retiring any time soon.