​Hawaii really thought they pulled a fast one on Wyoming, huh?

Before kicking off to face ​the Cowboys, Hawaii sent out a decoy player to hide the injury to starting quarterback Cole McDonald. 

There was just one glaring problem: Where were McDonald's signature blonde locs?

​​McDonald leads the nation in passing yards with 2,100, but suffered an undisclosed injury that the team did not report before kickoff. 

To hide the injury and make Wyoming think McDonald was playing, the team sent out a different player wearing McDonald's No. 13 jersey. Unfortunately, the plan failed.

​​The team finally admitted Cole was unable to play and sent in backup QB Chevan Cordeiro to lead the Rainbow Warriors to get the win in his first collegiate start.  

The timeline for McDonald's return is unknown, but he can enjoy the sideline while the ​Warriors are sitting on a 6-1 record, thus clinching bowl eligibility for the second time in three seasons.