​I'm sorry, but this is completely infuriating. 

On Monday night, Luis Severino choked big time, really dropping the ball in his start against the Boston Red Sox in Game 3. 

As it turns out, Sevy wasn't mentally prepared for this contest from the start. According to TBS, Severino showed up late for warmups because... he didn't know what time the freaking game started. 

​​You have got to be kidding me. Let me get this straight... the guy didn't know what time Game 3 of the ALDS started? 

Sure, don't be set for one of the biggest games of your life. Cool move, dude.

He showed up eight minutes before the game was set to begin for his warmups? 

No wonder the Red Sox tore him up. 

I think the only guy coming even close to having as rough a night as Sevy in the Bronx is Angel Hernandez, who somehow still has a job.

Aaron Boone and the Yankees should be embarrassed for their performance in Game 3. And for Severino, he owes everyone in New York an apology for this latest blunder.