​Angel Hernandez having a rough night doing his job? What else is new. 

We're only three innings into the highly-anticipated Game 3 showdown between the Yankees and Red Sox, and Hernandez is already stealing the headlines. 

We've already had three challenges from the managers tonight, with two calls being overturned. Just what is Hernandez seeing out there?

The latest came in the bottom of the third when Gleyber Torres was ruled out, but then after the challenge, he was called safe. 

Twitter is exploding, with everyone roasting this guy. 

I think Michael Scott would make a better ump right now. 


​​Paul Lo Duca does NOT hold back here. He shares the opinion of many former ball players. Angel is the worst. 

You know things are bad when Peter Gammons is trolling you. 

I think this is the only option right now. 

Look, people make mistakes, I get that. But, Hernandez continues to be an absolute joke, who shouldn't be working these massive games. Get him off the field.