The Philadelphia Eagles now find themselves in a hole and could plug it in the form of a massive addition.

Jay Ajayi is now out for the year after tearing his ACL on Sunday against the Vikings. The Eagles will now be forced to lean on a running back by committee, or, they can swing for the fences by making a couple of calls to Pittsburgh.

The Eagles should inquire about the availability of Bell now that Ajayi is officially on the shelf.

Philly has shown interest before, and that was with Ajayi present. There's one less roadblock in the way now. 

The Eagles would have to restructure a few deals to make this work, but it's possible to take in his contract that would be around $10 million, depending on what week a deal was made. The star running back could be the game-changer the Eagles need, as they're quickly realizing their season isn't going according to plan. 

If the Eagles trade for Bell, it immediately makes them a contender once again. Imagine how good he could be next to Carson Wentz in that offense. 

Bell is still up for grabs, and the Eagles have no reason not to make a room while the window is still open.