Tremendously predictions and pronouncements are almost a customary practice on the national airwaves due to the likes of rabble-rousers like ​Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. And this week, ESPN analyst and color commentator Andre Ware is joining the party. He's now made the proclamation that the UCF Knights are behind only ​Alabama in his ranking of college football teams that he's seen in person this season. 

​​There's always that one friend of yours that's ready to stand out from the crowd with a ridiculous sports claim. We all know at least one, and if you don't, the odds suggest that you yourself are probably that guy or gal. 

Although undefeated UCF has been impressive so far this season -- they're now into the AP top 10 -- nobody should be out here insisting that they're superior a team like Ohio State or Georgia. (Of course, Ware just hasn't called any Buckeyes or Bulldogs games yet.)

​​While Ware's comments are a nice gesture to UCF, it's important to face the realities of who the top teams are in college football right now. The Knights deserve praise for their winning ways, but Ware might want to pump the brakes a bit here.