Classic Boogie! It seems like no matter where the star big man is playing, DeMarcus Cousins is always clowning his teammates and riling up the crowd. That remained the case over the weekend at Oracle Arena, as Cousins added some juice to the preseason by introducing Warriors fans to some new friends of his:

​​​Morale looks to be at an all-time high for the Dubs. Boogie parading around a few Steph Curry lookalikes out of the stands to troll his teammates is a wonderful turn of events.

All told, the defending champs have been teasing and trolling each other all offseason long, And why wouldn't they? They're coming off of their third championship in four years, and just signed one of the most skillful bigs in the NBA.

​Everything seems to be going right for the Warriors as the NBA season approaches. Stay tuned for more hijinks-- and if two Klay Thompson clones end up appearing out of the blue, brace for ​an incredible response from across the ocean in China.