​Although it was easy to get lost in the ​madness that happened after Conner McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov's fight on Saturday, the Twitter community will always find the best past interactions to put their spin on things. 

Just four years ago, it seems that the two fighters were actually acquainted quite well with each other and even cutely shouted each other out over a promotional shirt of McGregor's.

​​This post truly shows that times have changed. It's pretty hard to find any human being that McGregor hasn't fought with, let alone another UFC fighter. 

This post is something you just have to laugh at. Nurmagomedov actually tweets to McGregor with a "wink" emoji. You would think they went shopping with each other on weekends too. 

It's hard to see this and then realize what happened on Saturday night when Nurmagomedov's crew ​jumped McGregor and got some cheap shots on him.


​​You really can't make this stuff up. It's crazy how the hype of a fight can easily turn friends into foe, yet for McGregor that isn't anything new. 

It's safe to say every sports fan is waiting for the rematch between these two in the octagon as soon as possible.